Purelife.Travel Website Design, Hosting & SEO

About This Project

We are proud of our work with Purelife.Travel creating a beautiful website for the public to read all about Wellness Activities around the globe. Their team consist of a few insanely talented copywriters, acting as tour guides for wellness travel all over the world. Here, wellness-orientated clients can gather ideas about their next travel destination with a vast amount of well-written and unique articles.

Our job was to create a WordPress Blog Website for each author to be able to log in and write their interesting wellness articles categorised by destination types, as well as specific home page categories. Each author of this website has a page, providing readers with a bit of background about the author, including all the articles written by that specific author. The website also makes use of some great paid-for WordPress SEO plugins and links up with Google Analytics, as well as the Google Search Console. We also make use of Google Tag Manager to make any updates to any tags as easy as possible.

Within just 3 days of uploading the website, we had 3 posts on the first page of Google with over 400 pages, posts, categories and tags indexed in Google within 2 weeks. The client also has full access to Google Analytics in conjunction with each author to see exactly what article was read and the most time spent per article. They also have guest writers who can write articles for them as well as social media integration direct from the WordPress admin Suite.

SEO Master also hosts the website of Purelife. Travel on a Standard Web Hosting Platform. We also do all the Search Engine Optimization for the company, making light work of it because of their talented writers.

If you wish to have a WordPress Blog Website Designed, simply contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Visit the purelife.travel website for a wellness travel experience.