Proximity Health Website Design, Hosting & SEO

About This Project

Proximity Health, situated in the London came to us to ask them to assist with a new and fresh website design for their WordPress website as well as taking over their Search Engine Optimization service. We constantly create new content in order to get them more organic visitors from Google.

Proximity Health is a Health Care Recruitment agency in the UK assisting health care professionals like doctors, nurses, medical specialist as well as medical admin personal by teaming them up with their huge database of Healthcare Organizations. The company has a section where healthcare professionals can join them in order to search for healthcare organizations searching for professionals and vice versa.

Healthcare organizations can also team up with Proximity in order to search for the professionals they need to ensure their establishments run as smooth as possible assisting UK residence with the professionals needed to keep them healthy.

We didn’t only assist with the Website Design and Search Engine Optimization, but also host their website on our dedicated hosting server to ensure their company is visible 24/7 and perform fast and efficient.