Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

We bring the right audience to your ads at the right time. Why just drive traffic to your website when you together, we could target an audience based on why and how they search for a product or service. For instance, through where they live (geography) or when they’re looking for an ad (time of day).  

SEO Master has a nuanced understanding of analysing ads for what long-tail keywords work and why (called search intent) to create a high CTR (click-through rate.) 

Control your ad outcomes

We aim to reduce your cost per click by creating relevant and engaging content through copywriting, capturing your audience’s attention and prompting them to interact. Our philosophy is to provide you with the highest ROI for your Google Ads spend.

You have full control over your ad spending as you can set the cost you are willing to pay per day. It’s the same for Cost Per Thousand, where you select the amount you are willing to pay per 1000 impressions–the number of people who see your ads. 

Tell us about what you’re selling and why, and we’ll do the rest. Let’s work together to create ads that convert. 

Google Ads Management Services

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