Website Design in Durbanville

SEO Master makes use of the intuitive CMS (content management system)  WordPress to upload and manage content, as well as build websites. We pay for upmarket themes to give your site a touch of elegance. Our sites are built to be fully customisable by our passionate web designers. Right now, having an SEO-optimised website is the best investment you can make to improve your business’s visibility. Thanks to global modernisation efforts, almost every human being on the planet has or will have access to a digital device, be it a cellphone or desktop. A strong online presence is crucial for growing and maintaining your brand’s influence on the market. 

SEO–that’s search engine optimisation– in conjunction with a well-built site is great for improving business visibility online. It utilises an intuitive, smartly built UI (user interface) and keywording, especially long-tail keywords, to boost engagement. This is because people utilise specific search terms. For example, “1 KG peanut butter Bloemfontein.” If you use a specific keyword like this, you’re sure to land on the first page of Google through organic search– this is a non-paid (non-PPC) search result.  Our websites are built to house storehouses of content, enquiries, and e-commerce products. They’re also built to maintain various plugins, like WhatsApp, in-site chat, and enquiry forms. 

Contact SEO Master for a consultation on how our team of web designers, copywriters, and SEO professionals can boost your business’s visibility on Google, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, as well as optimise it for mobile device viewing.  

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