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Digital marketing, and indeed social media marketing, is the future of marketing. It allows businesses, brands, and public figures to directly interact with leads without ever having to leave their couch. 

What better way is there to directly engage your audience on a platform they’re comfortable with than with social media marketing? The number of social media users has grown significantly in recent years, increasing by almost three-fold since 2014. In fact, as of January 2023, there were 25.8 million active social media users in South Africa, representing 59.6% of the total internet user base (43.48 million), says

SEO Master uses copywriting, keywords, hashtags, audience research, trends and user intent research to engage customers by making them aware of your brand online. We do this through content creation–that’s short-form videos (like TikToks and Reels), images (like memes, infographics, and pictures), stories, and DMs (direct messages, similar to a WhatsApp format). 

After we create your content, we monitor its performance in Meta Business Suite (for Facebook and Instagram), TikTok Creator Studio, LinkedIn analytics and Pinterest analytics. We track metrics like reach, engagement, watch time, drop-off time (how long before people scroll past your content), and outbound clicks (people clicking on your website link). We specialise in both B2B and B2C content creation, analysis, and management, as well as support via DMs. 

We assist in content creation and account management for:

Walk Run Cycle's Instagram page.

Reach out to us today for social media specialists who will perform a brand audit and develop a content plan created around best practices for your audience. 

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