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About This Project

Credit Boost is a legal and financial services provider, specialising in estate planning, short-term insurance, life insurance, loans, debt review, reckless credit assessment, debt clearance, and credit report services.

The company approached us with the request that we build them an SEO-optimised website. SEO Master went ahead and created a website using WordPress, the most Google-friendly web design service. We chose WordPress because it’s accessible to those who don’t specialise in web design.

Website Features

The website features a contact page, as well as an array of service pages detailing their work. Beneath their service pages, there’s a vast collection of blog post content designed to educate and engage customers and steer them toward conversion.

Our SEO masters also created a bold button that reads Free Credit Check at the right-most corner of the navigation bar. This further incentivises leads by providing a desirable free service.

Our team of copywriters worked especially hard on the landing page copy, employing various call-to-actions and short descriptions of services. Also included is a WhatsApp plugin, one of the various plugins created through custom code and paid-for WordPress extras.

Dedicated Web Hosting Server

What’s more is that the website is hosted on SEO Master’s dedicated web server, guaranteeing 99% uptime. Through SEO optimisation and formulated marketing efforts, the business has grown tremendously. We regularly update website content, scrupulously analyse its analytics to optimise its performance, and add new blog content.

Our team of experts has taken great care in diligently working on the Credit Boost website. We’re honoured that we have had the privilege to bring the company’s online presence to life.

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